CTS Module Series for Quarry Power Supply


CTS  (complete transformer substation) of the Module series for power supply of a quarry
Our EDS-Power production has shipped the Module series PTS.

power supply of a quarry in the Khmelnitsky region.

on the high voltage side:

  • 4 cells of type KSO-393 with vacuum circuit breakers VRS-1 manufactured by RZVA and terminals RS-83 RZA SYSTEMS;
  • electricity metering;
  • power transformer type TMG 1000kVA.

on the low voltage side:

  • electrical switchboard with CNC-Electric circuit breakers;
  • 500 kvar reactive power compensation device with 12 adjustment steps.

ADVANTAGES of CTS Module series:

  • Provides any configuration and the possibility of expansion in the future
  • Ease of transport
  • Ease of installation, connection and commissioning
  • Ability to replace modules when upgrading the system

80+ CTS of the Module series, produced at the EDS-Power plant, effectively fulfill their task - power supply of objects.

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