СTS series MM 400 kV for the Ukrainian beer company 'Umanpivo'


Complete transformer substation of the MM 400 kV series is installed at the facility!
Customer: Ukrainian beer company 'Umanpivo'

CTS of city electric networks of kiosk type for transformation and distribution of electric power in city cable networks.

✅ on the 10 kV side: camera team of one-way service manufactured by #EDS_Power;
✅ on the 0.4 kV side: electrical switchboard;
✅ 400 kVA transformer.

⚡️ Any configuration and possibility of expansion in the future.
⚡️ Ease of transportation.
⚡️ Easy to install, connect and commission.
⚡️ Ability to replace modules when upgrading the system.
⚡️ Possibility of coloring in the customer's corporate colors.

EDS-Power has more than 500+ shipped complete transformer substations on its account:

  • Complete transformer substation of the Module series
  • Kiosk complete transformer substation
  • Block complete transformer substations in a reinforced concrete case
  • Mast complete transformer substation
  • Pillar complete transformer substation
  • Inverter complete transformer substation
  • Container complete transformer substation
  • Complete transformer substation for own needs
  • Mobile complete transformer substation